Are you looking to save money on postage? Are you looking to avoid long queues at the Post Office?

If so, you’re not alone, and the good news is, with this service, You can do Both!

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With this service, you have all the functions of the Post Office™ right on your desktop. From stamps to shipping labels, from First Class® to Priority Mail Express®, It gives you the power to print and manage your postage like never before. This even gives you postage discounts you can’t get at the Post Office.

  • Choose from all USPS Services
  • Print Postage Stamps
  • Print Postage on Envelopes
  • Print Shipping Labels
  • Ecommerce Integrations
  • Print International Postage
  • Access Valuable Postage Discounts


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More Powerful than a Postage Meter. A Fraction of the Price:

Say goodbye to long-term leases, expensive inks and hidden fees. Do you know how much you spend on your postage meters? Probably not. Between your lease, maintenance fees, proprietary inks and all the hidden charges, it’s hard to keep track of exactly what you’re being charged for each month. And the postage meter companies like it that way. thinks you deserve better. That’s why we invented an advanced postage printing system that doesn’t rely on expensive postage meters. All you need are your existing computer and printer. It’s easy, reliable and at least 50%* cheaper than traditional postage meters. No hidden fees. No surprises. No multi-year leases.


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Print stamps, envelopes or shipping labels

Box and Envelopes


Easy Postage


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